Steven McCutcheon

Hey there! 👋 I'm Steven, I'm a computer software engineer with over a decade of experience in the software industry. Something I love about software development is the diverse industries you get to work in I've had the pleasure to experience Manufacturing processes while at Bombardier Aerospace 2012-2014 to Finance front desk at CitiGroup 2010-2012, data feeds while at CME 2014-2015 and payments processing with Payroc 2021-2022. Not to mention Networking and Automation at Juniper Networks 2015-2021 and now Cybersecurity at Synopsys WhiteHat DAST 2022-* its been an interesting journey that's for sure. I'm super passionate about staying on top of changes in the industry and I'm always trying to learn new skills and enhance my expertise. I'm totally self-motivated and love pushing myself to to learn things mainly for the sake of learning.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I'm passionate about home automation and freestyle drone flying. These hobbies not only serve as a source of enjoyment but also as an extension of my technical interests. Experimenting with home automation allows me to merge hardware and software, enabling me to automate household tasks and optimize routine around my home. Whether it's integrating smart devices, setting up home media management system or managing the network-wide PiHole DNS system. I like finding technical solutions to everyday tasks, Similarly, my fascination with freestyle drone flying is a realm where I get to still be technical but with different type of creativity, trying to master flying freestyle while tinkering with hardware and software modifications to enhance the experience, or just put the thing back together after a crash.

As for my professional skills, I know my way around a bunch of different programming languages and technologies, including Golang, Java, .NET, node.js using SQL, and NoSQL databases I've even worked with Fortran and old school Perl. I'm also pretty handy with front-end technologies like TypeScript, JavaScript, SvelteKit, CSS, and HTML. As with most developers these days DevOps Culture is common so I'm experienced in using containerization technologies like Kubernetes, Docker built on REST or gRPC with Protobuf services. It's not just container creation I can do deployment and management with Kubernetes or docker-compose. I've moved a fair few systems from legacy deployments to containerised solutions. I've also used Kafka and AMPQ to build some pretty cool fault-tolerant and resilient event-driven libraries and systems for use across teams.

I'm also experienced in Linux administration seeing as I run my own home lab with my own list of services including network wide PiHole managed DNS. With my experience in Juniper I got skills with networking communication technologies like NETCONF, and SNMP but also network configuration like OSPF, LDAP, NAT. I also got to spend a ton of time building auto-configuration software for virtualised network equipment with the VMX platforms and vSphere. Over the years I have had experience at multiple previous employeers where I got to play around with processing the data feeds common to the finance space.